About Us

Animal Garbage Collection Texas

BeCompliant is the brainchild of an experienced team from the hazardous waste management sector. We have successfully navigated regulatory complexities for large organizations and have developed the wisdom to advise on time and money saving procedures.

We are a team of independent thinkers who bring a fresh approach to waste management. This encourages us a framework to create innovative solutions, test them, and provide our users with the best in trash compliance. Learn more about Hazardous Waste here: https://www.traviscountytx.gov/tnr/environmental-quality/conserve/hhw

We help you be compliant with two options:

Complimentary Hazardous Waste Management Member Area.

Once you register for our garbage collection member area, you receive free use of resources chalk full of data to advance you to the next level of hazardous waste compliance, including:

–  Hazardous waste intelligence relating to: health, safaty, waste storage, garbage sorting, trash hauling, identifying trash, and emergency planning.

–  Full Excel spreadsheets of environmental protection agency legislation.

–  Glossary of waste management and dumpster rental definitions.

–  Examples of tools provided in the paid member area.

Subscriber Hazardous Waste Management Area

When you subscribe to our paid tools that enable you to get the job done faster and easier, you have access to the following Hazardous Waste tools:

–  Regulations simplified with easy action points and violations to avoid.

–  70 compliance indicators questionnaire to asses your risk of hazardous waste management violations exposure.

–  Spreadsheets of waste stream and dumpster rental providers who are set up to provide easy reporting to government agencies.

–  Online database where you can store all of your waste management information and history.

–  Alerts on hazardous waste non-compliance concerns.

–  Templates for internal company use with permitting, auditing, and other waste management assessment forms.

For more information on our free and subscription tools, please contact us  with your company information. Be sure to tell us about your current approach to managing hazardous waste so that we can understand your risks and advise on which direction to go. Thank you. Contact us now at: http://www.becompliant.co.uk/contact/