Ask For Cellulose Insulation Without Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium sulfate can be part of several different products sold on the market like pesticides. It is often found in many of the products of the best attic insulation installers in Austin, so it is very important to ask about the contents of insulation before getting it installed. If you do not get cellulose insulation without ammonium sulfate, you could get sick from it.

Symptoms of this upper respiratory irritant include shortness of breath, chest pain, and congestion. It can aggravate asthma symptoms.

If you are getting attic insulation be sure to research the products your installation company will be using before they install it.

Cellulose insulation without ammonium sulfate is possible, but many products include the sulfate. If it is installed correctly, it usually will not off-gas and cause health problems.

Before you get any insulation, have an HVAC professional check your attic for damaged or torn air ducts. If you have a garage attached to the home, be sure it is sealed off from the attic. Also make sure any access inside the house to the attic is secured with weatherstripping.

Be sure the floor of the attic is clean before any cellulose insulation without ammonium sulfate is installed. Your installation company may be highly rated online but you cannot count on them cleaning the attic before installing it just because their job is to do the installation only.

Whatever product you have installed be sure to get the manufacturer’s name and the serial number of the insulation. You want to be able to get what is called an MSDS online to get all the facts about the contents of the insulation. You want to be sure it does not contain ammonium sulfate.

If it does, the MSDS or fact sheet will provide specific information on how it should be installed. Proper insulation should not cause any problems but if the product is wet by the installer, which is sometimes done, it can give off gases and become a problem.

Another option you have is to ask your installation company to give you a sample of the insulation. You can see how it looks and whether or not it gives off any weird smells. The smell of newspaper is a giveaway that it is new insulation. If it smells like dead fish, you have a problem.

This may be a dry-install only insulation so be careful that you do not continue to do business with the installer if they say that they are going to wet it down. You may have to delay the insulation but it is much better to go through this inconvenience than go through physical health problems as a result of poor or improper insulation.

Austin, Texas blown in insulation procedures will cause a lot of dust initially.

This will subside in a day or less. Be sure the installers know if you have any recessed lighting, electrical work or other work in the attic. They should not be covered by insulation. Follow these tips to get safe, healthy insulation installed.